Construction and Infrastructure

Reliable connections for supply and disposal lines for construction and infrastructure applications

You need a long-lasting system without leaks? NORMA’s “Fit and Forget” commitment and the broad range of certifications mean worry-free installation without subsequent complaints or damage, driving satisfaction for you and your customers. Don’t let your connections be your weakest link!


Industrial Pipelines

Connecting industrial plants and apparatus reliably

civil engineering

Civil Engineering

Reliable connections above and under the ground in civil engineering projects


Building Services

Reliable connections for supply and disposal lines in buildings

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Are you looking for a mechanical coupling to connect pipes? Let's see which types of pipe couplings exist and find the best one for your project!

Elevate your steam systems’ efficiency and reliability

Unlock the full potential of mechanical connectors in saturated steam pipelines and discover this efficient alternative to costly welding.

How to overcome the scarcity of welders

Are you wondering how to increase your welding capacities quickly? Learn how you can avoid frustration and delays!

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