Reliable connections for supply and disposal lines in buildings

The power systems in buildings must function reliably, which is why our pipe couplings and connectors link pipes made of almost all materials and sizes for sanitary technology, heating and drainage.

Your benefits at one glance

Full EN 877 covered

  • One stop shop: we cover the full range of EN 877:  DN 50 to DN 600
  • One system: our DCS RAPID in combination with our COMBI or RECORD CLAWS are particularly suited for drainage in building construction according to EN 877
  • The drainage system works perfectly even during hard rain, as it is suitable for pressures up to 10 bar

Ductile steel or plastic pipes? Both!

  • Our DCS RAPID can also be used with plastic drainage pipes: one product, two applications!

Fire protection & sound insulation

  • In combination with SML pipes, our DCS pipe connectors provide fireproof drainage systems
  • The high surface weight results in airborne sound insulation. Isophonic solution in accordance with DIN 4109.

Your applications and projects


Drinking water lines, grey and black water


Building sewage pipelines, wastewater lifting stations, penstock linings, roof drainage


Cooling lines, air conditioning lines, ventilation ducts, far distance heating, oil tanks filling and ventilation lines, heat pumps


Electrical lines, cable harnesses, communication wires

Our solutions for you


Pipe couplings

  • Connecting open non-pressure systems and closed pressure systems 

  • Diameters between DN 25 and DN 1200 (larger dimensions on request) 

  • Axial non-restraint and axial restraint systems 

  • Pipes of almost any material can be connected 

NORMA Group Hose fasteners collage

Fastening solutions

  • Hose clamps of various types, sizes and materials

  • Big and adjustable band diameters available, e.g., to easily fix huge ducts 

NORMA Group Fasteners

Retaining solutions

  • Attaching and securing cables and communication wires 

  • Retaining clips with or without rubber 

  • Banding systems and cable ties 

Leverage our expertise

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