Industrial Pipelines

Connecting industrial plants and apparatus reliably

Adding new plants and machinery as well as keeping downtime at an absolute minimum are some of a factory’s biggest challenges. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient connections in industrial pipe construction, plant construction, and apparatus engineering. Our mechanical pipe connectors are particularly quick and easy to install, making them an excellent alternative to traditional connecting methods such as welding and flanging.

Your benefits at one glance

Connect any material

  • You can easily connect metal pipes with plastic pipes
  • You can also use our FGR pipe couplings to connect pipes of various metals without the risk of having contact corrosion, and even in ATEX areas
  • We even have a customer connecting glass pipes with our couplings – we rise to every challenge!

Easy installation

  • Time saving installation: no pipe alignment or treatment of pipe ends necessary
  • Relief your welders: mechanical connectors don’t need to be welded, so you have no need for special qualifications, fire permits or expensive tools

Maintenance made easy

  • Perfect fit for installations that need to be maintained (e.g., cleaned) very regularly. Assembly and disassembly of the FGR can be done in no time!
  • Our FGR couplings are often used to replace existing flange connections – especially in narrow spaces, improving accessibility for maintenance

Your applications and projects

Plant and apparatus construction

Pipelines for transporting liquid and gaseous media, like process water, compressed air, lubrication lines etc.

Industrial pipeline construction

For example, energy and supply lines like steam and condensation lines and process lines, compressed air lines, heat and cooling lines etc.

Our solutions for you


Pipe couplings

  • Connecting open non-pressure systems and closed pressure systems 

  • Diameters between DN 25 and DN 1200 (larger dimensions on request) 

  • Axial non-restraint and axial restraint systems 

  • Pipes of almost any material can be connected 

NORMA Group Hose fasteners collage

Fastening solutions

  • Hose clamps of various types, sizes and materials

  • Big and adjustable band diameters available, e.g., to easily fix huge ducts 

NORMA Group Fasteners

Retaining solutions

  • Attaching and securing cables and communication wires 

  • Retaining clips with or without rubber 

  • Banding systems and cable ties 

Leverage our expertise

Find how-to guides to tackle common challenges, get inspiration for your projects, learn how to benefit from market trends… and more. Our decades-long expertise in the field of joining and fluid handling technology are at your service!
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