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General Hardware

Industry-proven quality for your daily requirements

With over 40,000 products, we have developed innovative connection solutions for professional users and commercial customers alike. We put our products to the test every day so that you benefit from a long service life, low maintenance costs, excellent performance and easy installation.

Why NORMA Group is the preferred partner


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Our products are often used by:

  • Professional users: Professional users and commercial customers benefit from the consistency, quality and innovation of our products.
  • DIY: Homeowners and do-it-yourselfer prefer our "Fit and Forget" products to prevent expensive water damage caused by incorrectly installed connections in devices like washing machines.


How you can benefit from our fixing and joining solutions

Learn more:

  • Choose from over 40,000 products: We cater to your needs no matter how complex your connection requirements are.
  • Enjoy consistent high quality: Because we maintain the highest quality standards, we regularly subject our products to 30,000 hours of testing technology each year.
  • Proven top products: We produce approximately 1.5 million NORMA TORRO® worm drive clamps each day alone! Our top product has proven itself time and again for applications with high mechanical loads.


High quality standardized branded products for a variety of applications

We offer you the highest quality for almost every application:

  • Hose fasteners: connection of hose to pipe / spigot.
  • Pipe connectors: connection of pipe to pipe.
  • Hose connectors: connection of hose to hose.
  • Retain and fix solutions: attachment of hose / plastic or metal pipe / cable to wall / ceiling / vehicle body.

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