One connector for most drainage pipe materials

  • Material: W2, W5
  • Clamping Ranges: DN 50 - DN 300 for cast iron; DN 100 for plastic pipes

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Our NORMACONNECT® DCS RAPID pipe connector is used for a fast and easy connection of plain ended drainage pipes. It is suitable for unpressurised drainage systems with pipes and fittings made of cast iron according to EN 877 (SML/BML/KML) and drainage pipes DN 100 made of plastic (PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) or PE/HDPE ), also for mixed installations. Our DCS RAPID is outperforming traditional CV/CE connectors as it shows a better flame protection for cast iron drainage systems. Discover drainage connectors perfectly attuned to your expertise - rapid, intuitive, and flawlessly functional.

What you will love!

  • Single-bolt closure and block tightening ensure a fast and intuitive installation
  • Corrugated housing expands during assembly and ensures visible torque control
  • In accordance with all fire protection requirements for cast iron installations in accordance with EN 877
  • The DN 100 connector is also suitable for PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) or PE/HDPE plastic drainage systems

Did you know?

With our DCS RAPID connector we set the standard: we invented this product together with market leaders in the SML market.

Where can you use it?



  • For non-pull-out resistant drainage connections: resisting pressure up to max. 0.5 bar or 0.3 bar, depending on the diameter and version (can withstand higher pressures in combination with our claws)
  • Claws not available for plastic drainage systems
DCS Rapid for Plastic Drainage Pipes

One connector that fits all​

Our popular DCS RAPID enables a quick and intuitive connection and is now also thoroughly tested for DN 100 plastic drainage pipes HT, KG and PE/HDPE, as well as mixed installations with pipes and fittings made of cast iron (acc. to EN 877) with the same diameter.

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