Finally, one single connector
for various drainage pipe materials

Well known from cast iron systems, our DCS RAPID enables a quick and intuitive connection – now also for plastic drainage pipes, as well as mixed installations.

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Keep it simple!

Connect PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) or PE/HDPE DN 100 plastic drainage pipes using our DCS RAPID. Whether buried in soil, in sanitary installations, or kitchens. Our solution offers maximal flexibility, even in mixed installations with pipes and fittings made of cast iron (acc. to EN 877).

Your five benefits at one glance

Quick installation

Single-bolt closure and block tightening save valuable time during installation


Connections of plastic pipes (HT, PE/HDPE, KG) as well as plastic and cast iron pipes are possible with the same diameter

Efficient connection

Our mechanical connector is a quick and easy alternative to welded and glued joints

Low maintenance

Highest product quality leads to low maintenance requirements

Sustainable solution

Shortened pipes or remaining pieces & DCS RAPID can be reused

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The original DCS – now for plastic drainage pipes​

Our NORMACONNECT® DCS RAPID connector is used for a fast and easy connection of plain ended drainage pipes. With its single-bolt closure and block tightening installers save valuable time during the assembly.​

We've extensively tested our DCS RAPID DN 100 for PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) and PE/HDPE plastic drainage pipes, also in mixed installations with cast iron pipes and fittings (acc. to EN 877), offering sanitary installers and constructors increased flexibility.


All the answers to your questions!

The DCS RAPID connector has undergone testing with the following plastic drainage pipes with DN 100/OD 110 mm: PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) or PE/HDPE.

Yes, the DCS RAPID connector is suitable for connecting plastic drainage pipes of PP-H (HT), PVC-U (KG) or PE/HDPE for DN 100, as well as for transitions from plastic to cast iron drainage pipes, provided they have the same diameter.

A primary concern with plastic drainage systems is the need for additional fittings (rubber with WDHC, with female end, or with fusion) to connect plastic pipes. While push-in fittings are the simplest method, the need to purchase additional fittings if unavailable adds to the cost. The RAPID offers the flexibility to be used with all types of plastic materials and even with cast iron pipes, including mixed installations. It serves as a single connecting solution suitable for all scenarios.

One major drawback of butt welding or fusion welding is the surface preparation required, along with the availability of welding equipment. Additionally, once pipes are filled with water and wet inside, welding is not an option anymore. The DCS RAPID is a fast alternative to welding, freeing up welding resources for other tasks or for construction sites where no welding machines or electric power are available.

The mechanical connector DCS RAPID is ideally suited for joining cut pipe ends, also in a push-in drainage pipe system. This enhances sustainability, as not only can the connector be reused, but also shortened pipes or remaining pieces can be preserved for further use with our DCS RAPID connector.

No special tool is needed for assembling the DCS RAPID connector. Fastening the single-bolt connector can be effortlessly accomplished with an electric-driven tool. The on-block assembly ensures quick and easy fastening.

The examination was conducted in an external laboratory and included pressure tests. Due to the lack of a general specification for mechanical connectors for plastic drainage pipes, we opted to test the DCS RAPID according to the same high requirements of the cast iron specimen (excluding the fire endurance test).

No, the DCS RAPID connectors are not intended for axial restraint. Their primary function is to create a leakproof connection between two drainage pipes or fittings. Unlike cast iron pipes, we do not provide similar claws for plastic drainage pipes.

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