NORMA FGR Flexible pipe couplings

The versatile and flexible pipe coupling for axial non-restraint connections

  • Material: W2, W4, W5 / EPDM, NBR, FKM
  • Clamping Ranges: 26.9 mm - 2,032.1 mm

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Our NORMACONNECT® FGR FLEX/FLEX E/FLEX 3 are axial non-restraint mechanical couplings. They are used to join plain-ended pipes made of metal, stainless steel, concrete, and plastic, that have previously been anchored. In this case, the couplings are not required to contain the pipeline forces. An excellent sealing reliability is ensured at all times, as our NORMA FLEX / FLEX E mechanical pipe couplings can compensate for pipe gaps and thermal elongation of the pipes, providing a less expensive alternative to installing compensation joints. Our broad range of product certifications means worry-free installation without subsequent complaints or damage, driving satisfaction for you and your customers. Our flexibel pipe couplings are available with hollow trunnions (FLEX E) and with full trunnions (FLEX), depending on the pipe dimension.

What you will love!

  • Joining all kind of pipe materials is possible, e.g., for steel, plastic, cast iron, concrete etc.
  • Time saving installation: no welding, no pipe alignment or treatment of pipe ends necessary
  • Weight saving: up to 70% less weight compared to flange connection
  • Space saving: can be installed in areas which are hard to access
  • Compensation of pipe tolerances and compensation for angular deflection
  • Compensation for thermal elongation of the pipes
  • Can be used in ATEX areas

Did you know?

Our FGR pipe couplings are a perfect fit for installations that need to be maintained (e.g. cleaned) very regularly. Assembly and disassembly of the FGR can be done in no time!

Where can you use it?



  • Flexible couplings for axial non-restraint connections energy and supply lines, such as water pipes, gas pipes and media carrying lines (fluid, solid or gaseous) in sanitary technology, technical building equipment, plant construction, industrial and sewage plants and shipbuilding.

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