Stainless steel cable tie

Cable tie for high strength fixing

  • Material: W4, W5
  • Clamping Ranges: 200 mm - 1,000 mm
  • Bandwidth: 4.6, 7.8 mm

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Made of polyamide stainless steel AISI 304 with ball locking system, that permits a quick installation and a low insertion effort. This kind of cable tie is characterized by a high resistance to high temperature, to flame and corrosion.

What you will love!

  • Ball-Lock type self-lock system, speeds up installation
  • Made entirely of high grade stainless steel, excellent corrosion and UV resistance.

Where can you use it?



  • Cable and pipe fixing in shipbuilding, offshore, petrochemical plants, oil rigs, and environments with a risk of fire.
  • Used as flame safety in electrical installations to fix the metal I.D. plates, which must be preserved in the event fire.
  • Installations where high mechanical and UV resistance are required (photovoltaic).

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