SR Single-Lock

Easy and secure with Single-Lock feature

  • Material: Housing: PA12-GF30, PA66-GF30, Retainer: PA12-GF30, O-ring: FKM+FVMQ
  • Clamping Ranges: 7.89 mm - 13 mm

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Single-Lock quick connectors are used mainly in the automotive fluid line applications. Designed according to SAE standard, they are known for their high quality and ease of assembly and disassembly process.

What you will love!

  • Chamfer feature locks the retainer under pressure, making the connection highly reliable
  • Audible indicator (“click”) confirms locking of the adapter
  • No assembly tool required

Did you know?

SR Single-Lock connectors are installed as original parts in many vehicles from leading automotive manufacturers.

Where can you use it?



  • Fuel lines
  • Crankcase ventilation systems.

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