MARLIN PN 16 Compression Fitting

The NORMA fastest compression fitting for Drinking Water solutions with QuickTight Technology

  • Material: Body: Polypropylene; Clinching Ring: POM (Acetal); Lip-Gasket: NBR; Locking nut: Polypropylene; Holder: Polypropylene

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NORMA MARLIN® Compression fittings with QuickTight Technology are made of polypropylene for connecting high-and-low density polyethylene tubing, diameters 20 to 110. Maximum service pressure: PN 16 bar from diameter 16 to diameter 63 – PN 10/12.5 bar from diameter 75 to diameter 110. These products are certified as compliant with international sanitary regulations for transport of Drinking Water and liquid foods according to DVGW, KIWA, ACS and WRAS.

What you will love!

  • QuickTight: Easy insertion of the pipe into the fitting
  • SafeSeal: Lip-gasket for better leakproof
  • Push-in asslembling up to 50% faster installation
  • Light blue nut for easy recognizatoin for Drinking Water
  • Drinking Water certified for DVGW, KIWA, ACS, WRAS

Did you know?

The NORMA MARLIN fullfills all requirements for Drinking Water, certified by DVGW, KIWA, ACS and WRAS

Where can you use it?



  • Drinking Water
  • Agriculture based irrigation