NORMA FGR Plastic pipe couplings

The coupling for axial restraint connections of plastic pipes

  • Material: W5
  • Clamping Ranges: 40 mm - 400 mm

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Our NORMACONNECT® FGR PLAST GRIP/PLAST GRIP E axial restraint pipe couplings are used to connect plain-ended plastic pipes. The specially designed anchoring ring, featuring flat rows of teeth, engages into the pipe surface without damaging the plastic material. The force applied is distributed evenly across the pipe surface. Our plastic pipe connectors are available with hollow trunnions (PLAST GRIP E) and with full trunnions (PLAST GRIP), depending on the pipe dimension.

What you will love!

  • Also usable for smooth thermoplastics such as PP and PE (support sleeve required)
  • Time saving installation: no welding, no pipe alignment or treatment of pipe ends necessary
  • Weight saving: up to 70% less weight compared to flange connection
  • Space saving: can be installed in areas which are hard to access
  • Compensation of pipe tolerances and compensation for angular deflection
  • Can be used in ATEX areas

Did you know?

We also offer other solutions to connect plastic pipes. Do you already know our range of PN 16 plastic compression fittings? It even includes telescopic compression fittings (PN 12.5) for fast and easy replacement of damaged pipe parts.

Where can you use it?



  • For axial restraint connections of plain-ended plastic pipes. Also usable for smooth thermoplastics such as PP and PE. If the pipes to be joined are made from soft thermoplastic (e.g., PE) the use of a support sleeve is mandatory. The support sleeve made of stainless steel is inserted into the pipe end within the area to be joined and thus protects the pipe from being deformed.

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