Best solution for charged air

  • Material: W3
  • Clamping Ranges: 70 mm - 134 mm
  • Bandwidth: 17 mm

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The Charged-Air Clamp is a high-performance clamp designed to connect rubber or silicon hoses to spigots in high-pressure applications like charged-air systems. Especially for extreme conditions, like varying temperature, pressure and vibrations the CC-Clamp is the best choice to ensure a constantly sealed joint between hose and spigot. It is the problem cruncher for high requirement applications.

What you will love!

  • Uniform radial distribution of the clamping force
  • Omega shape with two sealing lines and spring function
  • No welding spots ensure no intercrystalline corrosion

Did you know?

The charge air hoses of millions of trucks and busses in Europe are equipped with CC clamps.

Where can you use it?



  • CC clamps are used to produce airtight joints in charge air applications under extremely high variations of temperature and pressure.

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